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Who We Are

Onix Properties & Real Estate Company is one of Nigeria’s premier locally owned real estate companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring property owners together with buyers and tenants for long-term business relationships. Whether you are buying, selling, leasing or in need of property management, Onix Properties & Real Estate Compnay will provide you with quality service while fulfilling all of your real estate needs


The art and science of design have evolved over the years, revealing new and modern styles whilst complementing old traditional styles.

The practice of architectural is aimed at designing buildings to meet functionality while maintaining beauty, as the structure and foundation of a building is highly dependent on it’s use.

At Onix real estate, we provide architectural design services that meets the taste of our customers in functionality and beauty.

And as a result of the current design trend and evolution, we keep the pace at the forefront by exploring new innovations and utilizing technology without compromising standards and originality.

Our client’s need is at the forefront of our vision and this is seen in our continuous drive to always provide stunning architectural designs fit for purpose, which also conforms to the current city planning regulations so as to avoid future hiccups.

Our team of architects are experts that have amassed a valuable amount of experience in the field making sure that every client’s demand is well spelled out and expressed in breath-taking designs.


Doubt is a major issue that beclouds the minds of real estate investors and this makes them spend more to make sure all hitches are solved before major investment.

At Onix Real Estate, we understand very well the plight of these investors and we profer adequate solution in providing a comprehensive feasible and viable report, well detailed for an accurate real estate investment planning.

Our services include – Feasibility and Viability reports which are taken in the early stage of a building project with the inclusion of an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment). They help to sort out controversies for a proposed development.

Through this service offer, our clients get to know :

– Feasible Options
– If the project is viable
– The strategic brief and project execution plan
– Budget analysis relative to client’s requirement
– Assessment of site information
– Site Appraisals
– Legal Approval, Planning permission
– Geotechnical studies
– Assessment of the tendency to re-use existing buildings
– Procurement Options
– Assessing operational issues
– Servicing strategies etc.

Our Reports are structured in a way that gives our clients flexible options to proceed to the next stage.


Generally, after feasibility and Viability studies have been carried out, it is important for real estate investors to establish a proper survey plan. Onix Real Estate Ltd. provides Land survey services which starts from a brief but intense walkover survey and then advances into a detailed land survey to acquire boundaries for ownership. Our surveyors are well known experts in the field, and in the process, they help to determine angles between various key points on a land. They make use of digital technologies and the go-to traditional instruments to map a land on the earth’s surface. We are detailed in executing surveys that covers both large and small portions of land. For large areas we use Geodetic surveys, taking into considerations the Earth’s curvature, and plane surveys for smaller portions of land. What really sets us apart from others is our ability to stand with our clients throughout every process and our attention to detail while executing our duties



An appraiser is an expert who inspects a building / land to determine the current market value.
Be it a contractor, an investor or a building consultant, you definitely need the service of an expert in evaluating your property with the highest standards, up-to-date market knowledge and flawless building ethics.
This is one of the services we offer at Onix Real Estate Ltd.

Over the years, we have been able to appraise buildings worth billions of Naira and have established stable grounds in the real estate industry.
Our experts will provide you with a property valuation report with the inclusion of photographs and plans, alongside the following :
– The location
– Number of rooms, layout and fitout
– The general condition of the building
– Structural defects (if any)
– Significant improvements that have been made
– Landscaping etc.


Get top-notch building / civil engineering services at Onix Real Estate Ltd. ranging from planning, designing, building residential / commercial infrastructure etc. Our engineers make use of the latest technology to deliver cost-effective civil / building engineering solutions to clients. Our services include : – CAD conversion ( Paper to CAD conversion which helps to digitize, save and retrieve designs when needed) – Construction drawing solutions – Land development design solutions – MEP design and drafting (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) – HVAC Design ( Heat, Ventilation and Air condition) – Geospatial Solutions, etc. Due to the diverse nature of building / civil engineering projects, we believe it is very essential to adapt to budget and time constraints while meeting growing demands, and this is what differentiates us from others. Our prices are affordable, Our engineers are professionals, Our Data is secured and Our workflow is seamless.


This is an investment scheme that has to do with buying large acres / plots of land with a view to sell them when they have appreciated in value or have been approved for development. There are a lot of issues tied to acquiring a land or investing in land banking, and this is where Onix Real Estate Ltd comes in handy. We help our clients sort out issues that arises from the processes of land banking. As a result of our experience over the years, we have established strong connections with agencies and legal authorities involved in this terrain. We understand how thugs scam investors over land banking issues and this is why we will ensure to take first steps in approaching the local councils in that area alongside the royal chiefs to be sure there are no issues with the portion of land our clients want to invest in. And with our help, our clients have full backings signed by various authorities and certified documentations needed for future sale of land.

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